We thrive on providing the best service to deliver in San Mateo Area, we also take orders in advance for take-outs, so if you are hungry for something good or need a quick bite. Mr. Tacos is the place to call!
We cook with traditional herbs and spices for authentic flavoring and serve only the finest and highest quality meat. Mr. Taco Man is proud to use only the finest ingredients. Our goal is to provide natural and fresh home-style Brazilian food on Mexican style with the best quality.
Nothing made at our restaurant is without a heart. We believe in whipping everything up from scratch and with the best, original recipes in the area. Additionally, we keep the best people on staff who know how to serve with a smile as well as create tasty and delicious meals. Furthermore, our naturally gluten-free and guilt-free menu is perfect for those who crave delicious, crispy tacos! The choice is simple: when you need the best Mexican food in the area, you need to visit Mr Taco Man San Mateo
We offer a variety of options including box lunches, salad bowls, appetizer, burritos, enchiladas and build your own taco bars. Catering orders may be picked up or delivered to your home or office. We also provide full-service catering for events of any size.
The 6 Types of Tacos You Need to Try in San Mateo
Choice of Meats:
  • Meat - Carne Assada
  • Pork - Porco Cozido
  • Chicken - Frango
  • Al Pastor - Porco a la Mexico
  • A la Fajitas - Vegetais Refogados
  • Tofu

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    What is New Mexico Cuisine in San Mateo, CA

    Different states in America offer different types of Mexican dishes. One type is New Mexico Cuisine. It is found in the state of New Mexico and consists of Mexican- American dishes. The dishes made in the New Mexico style are similar to regular Mexican foods such as burritos, but the difference is the type of chile pepper they use. In New Mexico cuisine, green chile pepper is used. The peppers are grown throughout the state. It is becoming popular in other states also. Green chile pepper can be used in just about any type of dish including hamburgers.

    Even the salsa is a bit different in the New Mexican style. Typical salsa will include tomatoes, chiles, onions, and other spices. In New Mexican cuisine, the salsa has a large amount of cilantro added.

    Whatever restaurant you go to, you are likely to have chili sauce on top of your dish. If you are not used to the hotness, you might have to take it slow. Start with small foods like salsa. You will get used to the strength and before you know it, you will be buying your own chile to create dishes from your home. The chile can be sold throughout the year and can be stored easily in the freezer. You will be able to enjoy a touch of  Taco Restaurant style cuisine with your Mexican food favorites.